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Foul Play specializes in physical theatre workshops for years 10-12 (although workshops can be tailored to suit lower and middle school as well).

We explore the techniques we use to create the work, and work through the exercises that we do with our actors – explaining why they are useful for the development of performance. We also like to discuss and play around with the ideas investigated in the work we are currently developing. All we need is a clear space to work in, and we supply the rest.​

If you have a particular Australian Curriculum component that you would like us to explore

or include, please let us know. We already cover a number of Curriculum components in our workshops.


Drama Curriculum

  • Developing and sustaining different roles for from given circumstances and intentions

  • Performing devised and scripted drama in different forms and styles

  • Collaborating with others to plan, direct, rehearse and refine performances

  • Using elements of drama, narrative and structure in acting in order to engage audiences

  • Refining performance & expressive skills in voice and movement to convey dramatic action.


English Curriculum

  • Looking at ways a text positions an audience

  • Understanding how interpretations can vary in comparison to others

  • Interacting with peers, unfamiliar individuals and groups in a face-to-face environment

  • Interpreting, creating, evaluating, discussing and performing a text

  • Exploring themes of human experience and interpersonal relationships within real-world

    and fictional settings and representing a variety of perspectives. 

Other Workshops:

We offer a range of set or tailored workshops for high school students as well as theatre professionals. Please contact us for more information about tailoring a workshop to suit your requirements.


Ensemble & Chorus Building

Using group activities and theatre ‘games’ we aim to get your ensemble working like a well-oiled machine. Provides collective thinking and creativity within an ensemble.

Physical Approach to Character Development

This workshop provides an introduction into Foul Play’s practice in the Lecoq method and explores how to develop a character using physicality as a starting point. We will give participants tools to use to increase creativity and freedom in developing a character.


The Neutral Mask

The Neutral Mask is a powerful non-verbal tool used to help actors reconnect to the physical body, develop a sense of economy of movement, and open an inner core that is balanced, centred and fully alive in the present moment. In the hour workshop we will look at the etiquette of mask wearing, discuss the principles of the neutral mask, practically explore the seven levels of tension, and undertake introductory exercises such as ‘The Horizon’ &‘ The Awakening’.

“Movement work based on neutrality provides a series of fulcrum points that will be essential for acting... Having experienced perfect balance, the actor is better equipped to express a character’s imbalance or conflictual states.“
– Jacques Lecoq


‘Outside Eyes’

Foul Play can visit your production or devised project and offer advice as a ‘fresh pair of eyes’. We can advise in such things as: story development, performer physically & character development, and work composition. This can be especially useful for devised projects. 

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